Repair. Reuse. Recycle.

Although we make our products to last a lifetime, we know not everyone wants to keep something that long, and let’s be totally honest, your bag isn’t going to look the same 20 years from now. We love the worn look, but get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

What we really don’t want, is any of our gear ending up in the back of the closet, or worse, the bin. With this in mind every product we make can be sold back to us. 

When you send your bag back to us we will give you 10% of the items original value as Bear credit. 

We will then take your bag apart and reuse everything we can. We choose our materials based on longevity, so even if they are a bit weather beaten, they can be recycled into something interesting and new. If a material is too far gone to be made into something new then we will find an alternative use for it. For example, we could use it to pad out some cushions.

As a responsible brand we want to be sure that we are having the smallest impact possible on the planet. Circular production is a big part of our longterm plans to reduce our footprint. We hope to reach a point where we are able to make all of our gear from recycled Bear bags, it may take a little while to get to that point though. 



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