Carbon Offsetting

We are on a mission to plant 300,000 trees by 2025.

Carbon Offsetting

If you make something, you harm the planet. It doesn't matter how "sustainable" your materials are, or how far your products are transported. We try our best to mitigate this harm.

We make products to last a lifetime, use sustainable materials as much as possible, and keep our product air miles down to a minimum (and will continue to keep reducing these impacts). But this just isn't enough for us. We know we can do more. So we invest in carbon offsetting - activities designed to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere (often referred to as carbon sequestration) or prevent their release.

How do we do it?

We donate 2.5% from each product we sell to carbon offsetting projects. We do this with the help of Ecologi. They help us plant trees and donate to the best carbon offsetting projects around the world. You can see our growing forest here.

Example: It takes about 11.2kg of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent aka our carbon footprint) to make our largest backpack. This costs about $0.09/£0.07 to offset. Every time you buy one of these backpacks, we donate over £4 (£4.13 to be precise) to carbon offsetting projects. This means that when you buy one of our products, you are not just offsetting the CO2e from your bag. You are offsetting the CO2e from the production of 59 bags.

To put that in perspective, each time we sell one of our Gouthwaite Backpacks we offset the CO2e produced from about 1300 miles of driving.

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