Our Wild Fund

Bear was born to fund workshops that connect people with nature. It just so happened that we ended up making some pretty great bags. 

We are creating a fund that helps people get outdoors. We put 10% of the value of each sale we make into this fund. 

We then use this fund to run free to attend workshops that help people get outdoors. 

These workshops will involve everything from online workshops talking to young people about how they can get outdoors safely, to running free to attend outdoor workshops.

As this fund grows we will also accept applications from outdoor groups and individuals that need support. 

When I was young, much of my access to the outdoors was funded via charitable organisations and generous individuals. I likely would not be doing the things I am today without that help, and I am excited to be in a position to pass on that support to others.” - Oscar Boatfield, Co-founder of Bear.

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