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The Wildish Club

Like Cubs, but for everyone.

We exist to help people access the outdoors. Our ambitions are big but we are starting small. We are going to help our town connect with nature.

From the sale of every bag, we commit to help one person get outdoors. We will do this through The Wildish Club. 

The Wildish Club is a community interest company focused on connecting people with nature and each other. It will provide a structure that allows people to get outdoors in meaningful ways, promotes positive well-being and increased connection with the environment. It will foster community relationships and provide a fabric for continued connection both in-person and online. We want to engage a new and diverse audience with the amazing countryside in Nidderdale (to start with) and attract groups from all over the county to the area. Our aim is to create a movement, starting with Nidderdale, that can be replicated across the country, where every community has their own Wildish Club.

Like any good club there will be badges, adventures and skill sharing. 

If you want to find out more and join our next meet, click here.

Our first meeting is going to be in April. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates. 

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