Buying from the EU? Read this.

Brexit has hit us pretty hard here at BearMade. As a young business we are not yet VAT registered. This means that we do not charge VAT on our bags, which is great for our customers in the UK but not so great for our wonderful customers in the EU, where our bags are now at least 20% more expensive than for our customers in the UK. This sucks. 

Fortunately we have made a big effort to keep our prices as low as possible, so even though you have to pay a bit extra, you are still getting an awesome product for a great price. 

As we grow this issue should sort itself out, but for the time being we just have to make do. We hope that this situation doesn't totally put you off a BearMade bag, and if it does put you off then it would be massively appreciated if you were to keep up to date with our journey via Instagram or our newsletter. Then you will be the first to know when things are less complicated again!

Thanks for stopping by.

Oz, Nell and the BearMade team

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