How to care for your BearMade bag.

Dry-waxed canvas is a special material, if looked after well, it will last a very long time and only gets better with age. Here’s our guide to looking after your BearMade bag.

General rules:

  • Hand wash only. Our bags don’t like washing machines.
  • If it gets dirty, let it dry and then brush off the dirt.
  • Re-proof the bag once every couple of years to maintain water repellency.

Bag specific rules:

We use two different materials for our bags. A dry-waxed canvas and another even drier-waxed canvas.

Our dry-waxed canvas bags will be black, forest, grey, green, navy or sandstone in colour and will have a very slight waxy feel. These can be treated with either a wax bar or reproofing spray.

Our even drier-waxed canvas bags are rust, khaki or dark blue and don’t have any waxy feel to them. These can only be treated with a spray.

Both are super easy to do and are demonstrated in the videos below.

With a wax bar. 

You can buy wax bars from us here.

With reproofing spray.

We don't sell reproofing spray at the moment but we recommend you use this one from Nikwax.

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