Made to last a lifetime - Our Materials.

Making things well is hard. It's particularly hard when you want to do it ethically, responsibly and affordably.

When you make just about anything, you cause harm to the planet. It doesn't matter how sustainable the materials are, the production processes and distance an item travels before it reaches the customer are often equally as polluting as the materials themselves. If you want to make something as responsibly as possible it needs to be made locally, last forever and be recyclable. 

Our products are made in Britain (low air miles), will last a lifetime (arguably the most sustainable way to make something), and can be sold back to us and made into something new (otherwise known as circular). This approach has allowed us to balance sustainability and performance. 

Our Fabrics.

Exterior - Dry-Waxed Canvas.

Dry-waxed canvas has all the water repelling and beautiful ageing characteristics of traditional waxed canvas, but without the wet and oily feel.

Our dry-waxed canvas is made in Scotland by Halley Stevensons. They have been making the best waxed canvas in the world since 1864. Waxed cotton canvas is the original performance fabric. Whilst many modern materials delaminate and become redundant, waxed cotton is easily maintained and can last a very long time. The wax that is used is a bi-product of the oil industry, and unlike PFC’s (the nasty chemicals added to most modern waterproof materials), the wax is biodegradable and won’t poison the planet.

They use low impact dyeing methods and the waxes are simply heated up to apply and cooled down to store, this means they use a very low amount of water and do not discharge any chemicals into the environment.

They continue to use traditional skills imposed by their original guildsmen to achieve the highest levels of craftsmanship.

Interior Lining.

We are phasing out our use of polyester and phasing in our new dry waxed canvas lining. This means all our bags will be polyester free by the end of the summer. 

We currently use an industry standard PU coated waterproof nylon lining material. PU is a protective film made of polyurethane. This is a plastic material, developed from an oil-based (finite) material. This is far from ideal, but it's the best thing we have found so far. We source it from a U.K. based company, who produce it in Taiwan.  



The buckles on our bags are made in Austria by AustriAlpin. They are well know for making some of the worlds best buckles, and their Cobra buckles (the ones we use) are the worlds strongest. They are awesome. 


The rest of our metal fittings are sourced from China. Whilst not being ideal, we simply are not able to meet the minimum order requirements to produce them locally and affordably. We are not far from being able to do it though and as soon as we achieve this, we will instantly stop our orders from China.


From a country known for making the worlds best precision instruments comes the worlds best zips. Our main zipping materials are made by Riri in Switzerland. These zippers are weatherproof, super hard wearing, and look great. We currently use these zips on some of our bags, soon we will use these zippers for all the external zippers on our bags.They have a powerful approach to ethics and sustainability, and are independently assessed on a number of environmental factors.

Our internal zippers (and some external ones) currently come from a company in China, they are excellent quality and highly weatherproof, however, once we have used up our current supply, all our zippers will come from Riri in Switzerland. 


Our cotton webbing is made in Sheffield, England. It’s soft, strong, and durable. 


All our postal boxes are recyclable and our postal bags are bio-degradable. 

Our Products are Circular.

Although we make our products to last a lifetime, we know not everyone wants to keep something that long, and let’s be totally honest, your bag isn’t going to look the same 20 years from now. We love the worn look, but get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. What we really don’t want, is any of our products ending up in the back of the closet, or worse, the bin. With this in mind every product we make can be sold back to us. We then make your old bag into something shiny and new. Simple.

We are constantly trying to improve our footprint as a brand and as people. If you have any thoughts on how we can do this, please get in-touch.