A Great Review!

We received this review recently and thought we would share it with you. Getting this kind of feedback makes all the struggles of starting a small business worthwhile!


I wanted to write to you, first in praise, of how much I adore the pack I purchased from you and second in apology that it has taken me so long to get this message out to you. 
It can be such a difficult task to find a company that embodies a positive and uplifting, honest spirit and also creates an incredible product. I feel like Bear truly does it all. From your newsletters and social media to physical products I appreciate all that you have put out into the world of fly fishing. 
Fly fishing in Western Pennsylvania is a sport of true patience and determination.
Many of our streams are infested with invasive plant species, small water and hikes to get to a fishing hole with some privacy. Throughout all of these obstacles, the Universal Pack holds true and stands at the top as a product up to the task.
I sing its praise to anyone I fish with and hope your company continues to do well.
Thanks for my favorite bag and look forward to owning more of your products!
All the best,



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