Fly Fishing And Plastic Pollution.

This week we celebrated earth day. As anglers, we are all conservationists in a way. Very few of us want to harm the environments that we frequent, but we are actively doing so through the plastic we consume. Living plastic free takes a huge amount of time, effort, and money. At home and through Bear, we try to have as little plastic waste as possible. 

Plastic is playing a big role in destroying the waters that we rely on to practise the sport that we love. With this in mind, one would rightly expect our tackle industry to be conscious of the plastic it uses in its packaging and products. Sadly, for the most part, this is not the case. All we see is immense amounts of waste and little opportunity to buy responsibly. This week we are looking at what we think the fly fishing industry can do to reduce plastic waste.

So Much Packaging.

Having worked in the fly fishing industry for the last 8 years we have seen immense amounts of waste; from the excess packing materials when sending products out, to the amount of plastic covering the products themselves. All of this plastic and waste paper serves little purpose other than polluting our oceans and destroying the rainforests. We are not naive, we know that sometimes you need to use these things, but if only we could all just be a little more conscious and start making better decisions then we might just stand a chance of not entirely destroying this planet. 

We would love to see companies using more recycled packaging, biodegradable would be excellent, but recycled paper and card would also be a great start. 

What can we do?

Support the companies who are making an effort. There are a number of companies large and small who are making an effort to do things differently and use recycled materials in their products. From a tiny company like ourselves to a giant like Patagonia you can find exceptional products which are not damaging the planet. You just have to take the time and do some searching. 

This topic is huge and we could go on for hours, we have only just scraped the surface, but we have started the conversation and will have plenty more to say on the topic in the coming months and years. 

Tight lines

Team Bear.







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