How Do I Find Fly Fishing Near Me?

Our top tips to find fly fishing near you.

First, you need to know how fishing is regulated in the UK. Most fishing in the UK is controlled by Angling Clubs, some fishing is privately owned, and a small amount is controlled by local councils (this water is typically free). Find out more about free fishing here.

Unfortunately, you are not able to simply find a piece of water and go fishing. You will need an EA rod license, and unless you have confirmed the water is free to access, you will either need to join a club, or get permission from the owner to access it. One exception to this is saltwater fishing, which does not require a rod license and as far as we know is accessible to all. 

It can be difficult to find fishing. Unlike other countries, we don't have a centralised database of angling information. This means you will need to do some detective work. Here are the steps we suggest you take to find fishing near you in the UK.

Step 1 - Google is your go-to location to find fishing. However, most angling clubs are not necessarily tech-savvy and can be hard to find. So you need to be specific with your searching. We suggest first using Google Maps to find rivers or lakes close to you. Once you have the name of the river or lake you would like to fish, use phrases like: "Fly fishing on the (river or lake you want to fish)" or "Fly fishing clubs in (your local town)". If you cannot find any info doing this, it likely means that either the angling club has no web presence, or the water is privately owned.

Step 2 - If Google doesn't produce, then the next step would be to ask at the local fishing shop (if you have one), pubs or post office. They often know about local angling clubs or water owners. You could also approach your local council,  they control water that is often free or very cheap to fish.

Step 3 - Get professional help. Your local fly fishing coach or guide will likely be one of the most knowledgeable people, as guides ourselves we are always happy to help people with questions, and suggest locations.

If you need any help just ask. We are always happy to help.


Team Bear

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