Pro spotlight: Elliot Fawdington - England Youth Team Captain

We are so excited to have Elliot as part of our family here at Bear. Being young anglers ourselves and having spent time as part of the England youth team, we know how important it is to support young anglers. We invited Elliot to be part of our family not just because of his youth, but as England Youth Team Captain he is also one of the best anglers in the country. 

We asked Elliot a few questions and here is what he had to say. 

How did you start fly fishing?

My fishing adventure started at the age of 10 when I started coarse fishing with my dad. One year in and I wanted to experience more action and a different style of fishing. My mum bought both me and my dad a day of fly fishing tuition at Rutland Water. This new style and approach to catching fish had me fascinated and eager to learn more instantly, and once I hooked into a big trout later that day I was hooked! The exhilaration and positive energy that I experienced has stayed with me to this day, along side the drive of wanting to always learn more.

What does fly fishing mean to you?

Fly fishing to me is a way of getting away from the stress filled life we live and being able to find myself and focus on myself while doing something I love. It also allows me to let go of all the anxiety for a while and enjoy nature. The sport has introduced me to a social hub that is kind, helpful and generous. 

What is your proudest fishing moment?

My proudest fishing moment is definitely being chosen to captain the England youth team for the upcoming international in Mentieth this summer. It is a pleasure and an honour to help the youth team to improve and fine-tune their skills for competition loch style fishing, seeing their skills and confidence grow and develop on the water; there is no better feeling.

Why did you join the Bear pro team?

After reading your mission and seeing your focus on improving mental and physical health with fishing, it resonated with me. I share your views and aspirations of wanting to help and do something positive, as well as the opportunity to work beside some amazing people, it was a no brainer to join the Bear pro team and work on our shared ethos and make a difference and keep the sport we love alive for future generations to enjoy.

How has fly fishing changed your life?

Fly fishing has had a massive impact on my life. It has allowed me to get out into nature more and is the catalyst for me to find my real self and where I am happiest. In addition the sport has helped me in mentally challenging times and continues to do so. It has helped guide me on to the further study of aquatic ecosystems and has given me a focus for my future career. Fly fishing has formed the backbone of a social life that has lead to important and valued friendships that will last and stay strong because of the sport and a shared love of the water.

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