Riverside Tip: Positioning.

👉Trout hang where there is ample food that they don't have to exert excessive energy to consume. Big trout typically hang in the locations that provide the most ideal circumstances for food to energy ratio. This is why reading water is the most important skill in your arsenal. When I look at water I am not simply seeking an ideal run. I am looking for the slack water in the run that still gets good flow (& thus bug life). Sometimes that water is a single pocket by itself. 2-3ft of water that is in a flat stretch with alot of movement. Other times it falls amongst a complex section of ample water and avenues that lead into one ideal soft break created by a submersed structure in the middle. Some of my favorites are the inside slack water of a moon shaped (🌙) seam where big fish can conveniently move in and out of slow and fast water. There are so many pockets, buckets, and seams that go unnoticed but the more observant you are about how water (food) moves the more accustomed you will be come to identifying big fish water.

This awesome tip comes from Daniel Parsons, or as he is better known @beadheadednympher, check out his Instagram for more great content!

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