Riverside Tip: Weather

Here is the latest tip from Bear family member Daniel Parsons, otherwise known as @beadheadednympher

He is full of useful information!

I have intensely been focusing on the effects of weather on bugs and trout.

Here's some very basic but game-changing info. 

1. Clouds are an anglers best friend. Why? Insects and trout become more active during lower light conditions (common knowledge). In addition to activity, trout vision adapts quicker to light change than insects giving trout the upper hand in lower light feeding scenarios.
2. Lower light and temperatures prohibit insect hatches. So, on a hot summer day with lots of light, hatches are concentrated heavily into dawn and dusk. This could mean 1 hour of flaming hot action or 20 minutes. During this time trout may overlook an artificial fly amongst hundreds of naturals. However, during a cloudy day hatches might be extended for 2-6hrs, creating sustained fishing for long periods.
3. Low light means a better sense of security for predatorial fish and a great opportunity for ambush. Big trout are less worried about a bird catching sight of them as they ambush a crawdad high in the water column if a bird can't see them. Therefore cloudy conditions make for active big trout!


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