The 10 best fly fishing accessories for your Universal Pack.

With the Universal Pack, we wanted to make a product that was totally customisable so you can kit it out with all the things you love and trust to use when you are out on the water. 

Everyone kits their Universal Pack out differently, it's one of the many reasons we love it. Here is what we use and some other bits we think are cool too. 

Belts and Clips

Bear Belt

Buy it now for £14.99

This belt is ultra simple, very strong, looks great and has an awesome buckle. Based on belts used in the military this belt is a great match for the Universal Pack.

Fishpond West Bank Wading Belt

RRP: £49.99 

Fishpond have created the West Bank Wading Belt with a purposeful spot for your net, attachment slots for a Quikshot rod holder, a floating “rail” where you can strap on packs, water bottle holders, wading staffs, and all sorts of river accessories. 

Buy it Here:

Bear Chest Pack Conversion Clips

Buy now for £9.99

These little babies are a must have for any Univeral Pack owner. They allow you to clip the pack directly to your wader straps, so no belt needed, it's pretty great.

Fly Boxes and Patches

As you can attach any fly box or patch with a piece of velcro, it allows you to use virtually any box with the pack, but there are a few that we think work great.

C&F Design Chest Pack - Slit Foam

RRP: £24.99

We love this little fly box we have had one for years, so long in fact that they don't actually make the one we use anymore. This is, without doubt, the best fly box on the market to match our pack.

Available from Glasgow Angling Center

Tacky - The Day Pack Fly Box

RRP: £19.99

The Tacky Day Pack Fly Box is a smaller version of the original Tacky Fly Box. A tough and sleek polycarbonate box with a clear top, a magnet closure system and a patent-pending silicone rubber insert. Attach your velcro to the clear lid on this box so the flies fold out.

Buy the box here:

Magnetique - MagMini

RRP: £16.99

Made in the UK, these little gadgets have gone down a treat with users. We only recently saw one in the flesh and think they go great with our pack!

Buy Here:


We like to use retractors that we can insert into the elastic on the side of the packs. These two retractors do the job perfectly.

Simms Retractor

RRP: £11.99

Buy It here:

Fishpond 360° Swivel Retractor

RRP: £16.99

Buy here:

Other Bits

Hunts Original Floatant Products

RRP: Range from £4.50 - £7.99

We love the brand, we love the product, it's hands down the best stuff on the market and to top it all off its made in the UK.

Buy Here:

Smith Creek Trash Fish

RRP: £19.99

Easily coil and control waste leader and tipped materials, keep mono from creeping out of your pocket and into the environment.

Buy Here:

The rest is up to you.....

Our pack owners and Bear family members have done some awesome things with their packs and we cant wait to see what you do with yours.


Team Bear A.K.A Oscar and Nell

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