The Bankside Journal 008.

We hope this week's Bankside Journal finds you and your family well during these troubling times. We are all safe and sound here at Bear HQ! It's at times like these where the angling community needs to come together. To facilitate this we have launched a new initiative called Bear Share (more info later in the email) which we hope will bring some light to peoples lives. 


Thank you so much for your continued support. Both us and the fly fishing community face many challenges over the coming weeks and months. Fortunately, we are a young business and we hope to take all this in our stride and continue to develop and grow once the worst is over. Unfortunately, not everyone is in our position. For many in the fly fishing community, things are going to get extremely difficult, so where you can, please do help, even if it's just buying a couple of flies. 


We started Bear to make great products and be a force for good in the angling community. Part of that mission is helping others whenever we can. So if you, or anyone you know, needs any help just let us know. We hope you enjoy this weeks journal


All the best,


Oscar and Nell


Our Garden

We have been practising social distancing this week, so the furthest we have been from the house is our garden. Today we made the most of the glorious sunshine and painted a series of limited edition nets that will be available soon. 

A new initiative

Bear Share - Connecting Anglers


If you have already signed up then that's brilliant! If not then let us tell you a bit about it. Bear Share is a new initiative connecting anglers around the globe in a penpal like manner. It's totally free and super simple, you just fill in a short form with a few details about yourself and we will link you up with someone who shares your interests. We have some awesome people signed up so we are sure you will meet someone great!


To find out more and sign up click here.


The Wild Trout Trust Auction

If you didn't know already The Wild Trout Trust auction is now live, this auction has some amazing lots, with lots of unique and wonderful things for the fly angler it's well worth a look.

Wax reproofing bars

One of our favourite things about wax canvas is that it gets even more beautiful with age. However, to keep it nice and waterproof every once in a while you need to re-wax. Wax bars are available on our website now.


Bear Fly Fishing an introduction

Now, we are not filmmakers, but it is something that we have decided to do more of and this is our first attempt. Over the coming weeks and months we will be launching a number of different films; from fly tying, to on-stream instruction and everything in between. Hopefully the production value improves with practice! Click on the image above to watch.


"Trout Is King" - Carpe Diem

One of our customers put us onto these guys today and their videos are awesome. They are getting us very excited for the upcoming trout season where we plan to do a lot of self-isolating on our home river.

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