The Bankside Journal 010.

We hope this edition of The Bankside Journal finds you and your family well.


We have been busy this week. We are still doing our fly tying videos, Bear Share is going from strength to strength, and we have started a new live show on Instagram called “Beer 'n' Bear” where we interview personalities from the fly fishing world.


Amy has sent us a restock of our Expedition Backpacks, along with a new range of backpacks that is slightly smaller and made from the same waxed material as our Universal Packs. We have also added a small card wallet to our range.  


We hope you are enjoying what we are doing, and if you have any ideas of creative things we could do, then please let us know!


Stay safe and well,

All the best,

Oscar and Nell


”Leave The Trout Alone“ by Samuel Hawkins


We love this addition to our colouring competition by Sam. He’s a brilliant illustrator who has absolutely nailed it with this image. To find out more about the competition and download this image and others click here.

Fly Tying.

Flies from Nymphing The New Way.


There are now 8 different fly patterns available on our Youtube channel. With more being added almost daily. If you want to stay up to date with what we are publishing then please do subscribe to our channel. As always if you have any questions about what we are tying, then do not hesitate to get in touch.

Beer 'n' Bear

Live on Instagram and will soon be available to stream on Youtube and Podcast!


We have recently started a new live show on Instagram. Think desert island discs but for fly fishing, sort of. Each week we interview someone interesting from the world of fly fishing. They show us their favourite flies, we ask them questions and we both drink beer. We did our first live stream a couple of nights ago with Daniel Parsons, it went really great and will be available as a Podcast and on Youtube soon.


The Fly Culture Podcast - Pete Tyjas


If you haven't come across Fly Culture Magazine and the corresponding podcast yet then you are missing out! It's definitely something worth reading and listening to.

Find out more here

The Expedition Leader - Rolf Nylinder.


We loved this new film from master fly fishing filmmaker Rolf Nylinder.

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