The Bankside Journal 008.

We hope this edition of The Bankside Journal finds you and your family well.


These most certainly are the strangest of times. Things are definitely scary and very worrying right now but we want to try and focus on the potential positives that can come from this. What it does give many of us, is a rare chance to slow down and do things that we normally wouldn't have time for. With this in mind, we have focused all our attention on creating things for you to do to fill up some of that unexpected free time.


 For the foreseeable future, The Bankside Journal will be focused on things you can do without leaving the house. This week we have started a series of fly tying videos and released the first of a series of images that can be coloured in. We have also been connecting people all over the world through our Bear Share initiative.


This is just the start of our plans for this coming period, so be sure to keep an eye out over the coming weeks and months!


Stay safe and well,

All the best,

Oscar and Nell


A fly fishing still life.


Colouring has proven mental health benefits and is a great distraction from all the chaos around us. We have teamed up with world-class artist Jonny Boatfield to produce a series of images that you can download and colour at home. There are even some prizes on offer for those of you that want to share your creations. You can find more information and download the first image here.

Fly Tying.

Flies from Nymphing The New Way.


There is little better than fly tying to while away the hours. This makes it a great activity for when we have nothing but time! We have started a series of videos showing you how to tie all the flies from a book we worked on a few years ago called "Nymphing The New Way". If you are interested in them then please subscribe to our Youtube channel!


It's going great!


We have had lots of great people sign up to Bear Share and we have been having an awesome time connecting people all over the world. If you haven't signed up yet and would be interested in connecting with an angler as enthusiastic as yourself, then sign up now and we will connect you with someone awesome. Sign up here.


The Feather Heist - A flute player breaks into a British museum and makes off with a million dollars worth of dead birds.


This is a fascinating story and the perfect thing to listen whilst tying flies. We love fly tying, but probably wouldn't commit crimes to do it!

You can listen to it here.


Universal Pack - Green

We are still open for business as long as the Post Office stays open. With social distancing in mind, we have reduced the number of trips we are doing so any orders may take a little longer to reach you than normal. 


The Green Universal Pack with its bold colour will make you stand out on the bank for sure. It's not so bright that it will scare the fish away though!


Eastern Rises - Felt Soul Media


This is one of our favourite fly fishing films of all time. Kamchatka is definitely a bucket list destination. You can stream the full film on Vimeo for a small fee. It's worth it, we promise.

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