Welcome to Volume 1.

We dont believe in following industry norms and think the constant release of new products from brands is playing a big role in our mass over consumption. So we started to think about how we could release some new designs and colours whilst also having a positive impact on people and planet. 

From this foundation the idea for our first special edition collection was born. 

With each special edition range we produce, we will highlight something we feel is important. In this first instance it is the biodiversity crisis. Using the Bee as the symbol for it. The biodiversity crisis often comes in second place to climate change, however, a biodiverse environment is vital for the future of life on earth. 

With this range we have introduced a new GOTS certified organic cotton dry-waxed canvas in a honey colour, and three brand new bags. Two sizes of Ramsgill Pouches (our most versatile bags yet) and a new Mini Gouthwaite backpack. 

With this collection we are also one step closer to our mission of producing plastic free bags. The only plastic you will find in our Gouthwaite backpack range is the thread, which is made from recycled polyester. 

As a team of young scientists and creatives, at BearMade we want to raise awareness of this crisis and equip you with information to be part of the solution.

Biodiversity is the scientific term for the variety of life on Earth. A wide variety of species is crucial to helping the planet cope with the pressures of human activities, climate change and pollution.

What’s happening?
41% of the UK’s species have declined since 1970 and the recent pandemic has highlighted how human health is directly linked to planet health - we all need each other to survive.

Why Bees?
Bees are indicators of a healthy ecosystem (healthy bees mean a healthy planet) and are symbolic of a community working together to tackle the biodiversity crisis. As you’ll learn throughout this booklet, bees are in trouble and you can help save them (and the planet).

With each volume 1 bag you will receive a booklet with more information about how you can help create a bio-diverse environment, along with some wildflower seeds you can plant in your garden. Your order will also help us plant trees, fund carbon reduction projects, and help us run workshops that get people outdoors

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