What equipment do you need to start river fly fishing?

Here is our simple river fly fishing kit.

What you will need for UK river Trout and Grayling fly fishing:

Rod: A 9ft 4wt fly rod will cover almost all river trout and grayling fishing. You can spend as much or as little as you like. You can get very good ones for very little money, particularly if you buy second hand. 

Reel: Any reel will do, for this type of fishing it really just holds the line. Ideally, you want to match the reel to the rod. So ensure you buy a reel that will hold a 4wt line.

Line: We suggest you spend a little more on your line. You are looking for a 4wt floating fly line. You can't go wrong with something from Rio or if you are looking to spend a little less then checkout Airlfo lines.

Leaders: A 9ft tapered leader that goes down to a 3lb breaking strain point will cover most river fishing situations. 

Tippet Material: The tippet material you use should match the breaking strain of the tip of a tapered leader. 3lb breaking strain will cover most scenarios.

Flies: You need a few nymphs and a few dry flies, that's it. Give Richard a call at www.barbless-flies.co.uk he will sort you out with everything you will need. He has some handy fly boxes too.

Floatant: If you are river fishing then floatant is essential to keep your flies on the surface of the water. Speak to Tom at Hunts Originals. He will sort out all your floatant needs.

Net: You should always carry a net with you when you are fishing. We like to use something called a scoop net. 

Waders: Unless you want to get wet (wet wading is a thing and is great in warm weather), you will need a pair of waders. These vary greatly in price. We do suggest splashing out and getting something breathable, otherwise, you will be very warm on the hot days!

Health and safety: Hat and Sunglasses. This will protect your eyes and head from the hooks that will be whizzing past. 

Bag: This is not essential, but can be handy to keep all your kit organised. Apparently some company called Bear make pretty good ones.

The above is enough to go fishing. It can be obtained for as little, or as much as you are willing to spend. As with all things fishing, if you have any questions just get in touch. 


Team Bear


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