What we take on the water.

After spending yet another day coming off the water with backache, due to carrying so much stuff in an unbalanced fly vest, I decided that things needed to change and Bear became a twinkle in mine eye. Since stripping everything back I have got rid of my aches and pains, covered more water, and caught more fish. Now when I am on the water I just take the Bear essentials....... Bad joke I know. Here is a list of what I now take with me on the water.

  • Rod
  • Reel
  • Net
  • Universal Pack 
  • DSLR (got to get those snaps)
  • Cap and Sunglasses
  • Fly Box
  • 2 spools of tippet
  • Nippers
  • Gel and powder floatant from Hunts Originals
  • Hunts Mud
  • Magnetique Fly Patch
  • Universal Backpack (for longer or wetter days)

I believe that taking less has genuinely improved my fishing and I am sure it will improve yours too. 


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