Week 10.

This week you are hearing from Nell.

Spring is springing!

Over the last two weeks I’ve been getting really excited about the prospect of spring. The other morning when I left the house I suddenly realised how many little birds were about; how the sudden raucous of birdsong had broken the relative silence of winter. It made me smile so much. 

Snowdrops and daffodils are beginning to bloom and today I saw a Hazel tree covered in catkins. Life is starting to peak through from the cold hard ground, and after the winter we’ve had, I couldn’t be happier to be welcoming new growth!

It’s also time to start germinating some seeds indoors e.g. peas, capsicum, tomatoes. I love getting my hands dirty and working with the earth. I find it relaxing and another way to be in nature with purpose. Watching and helping things grow brings me a lot of joy. 

My grandmother has the most amazing garden and as a child I loved being lost in all the flowers. So when I was lucky enough to have my own garden I wanted to jump right in and have beautiful flowers and grow my own food. Turns out gardening is a little more complicated than I thought. And although originally my interest was in flowers, I have suddenly become obsessed with soil and soil health. I watched the most interesting program called “Kiss the ground” (which I really recommend) which explores the importance of soil health and how, as a species, we have severely depleted our earth. So this week I have started the process of preparing my little patch of earth, feeding it, nurturing it so that it helps bring me beautiful flowers and veggies in the summer. 

It’s been a good week. I hope you are all well and getting outside in some way or another. 


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