Week 11.


This week I have been thinking a lot about the future. Particularly how we want to do business, and how we can do good things for people and planet.

One of the great things about having a young business is the ability to change things quickly, we don’t have to get loads of approval from different people, we just do stuff.

This week I have been working on how we can run our Wild Workshops and also run workshops that help underprivileged groups access the outdoors.

The Wild workshops are the easy bit. We will be doing a number of bikepacking workshops with our pals at Pannier.cc, we will be running some fly fishing workshops, we are trying to find someone to help us run a foraging workshop and also looking to do a wild weekend or two in the Lake District. Lots more info to come on these soon.

The tricky bit is how we can run events that help people access the outdoors who otherwise might not be able to.

I have noticed something alarming recently. I see virtually no young people from the local town venturing out into the great outdoors that surrounds them. There are a number of different reasons this could be happening, but there is one that really stands out to me. The countryside is totally inaccessible. Even I find it intimidating and i’m an outdoor professional. It’s hard to know what you can do and where. There is a lot telling you what you can’t do, but very little saying what you can. So we want to do what we can to change this. We will start small and approach the local school. Who knows where it might end up.

We have also started the application to become a b-corp this week. I am very excited about it.

I hope this week has been good to you.

Happy adventuring


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