Week 12.

This week you are hearing from Nell.

We are passionate about getting out in nature with purpose. Oz and I always have some reason to get outside, whether its walking our two dogs, talking through Bear ideas in a different location (did you know your brain thinks differently at 4mph?!) or taking photos. 

But recently we have been cycling around the dales and exploring beautiful places. I have always struggled getting into exercise. Ive dabbled in bits here and there but I’ve never really enjoyed intensive exercise. And because I’ve never really enjoyed it, I’ve struggled to stick at it. I was always told it would be an important part of helping my anxiety and depression, which unfortunately didn’t encourage me to do exercise, it just made me feel more guilty when I didn’t want to. 

So when Oscar bought a bike and wanted us to start cycling again, you can imagine my apprehension. I immediately gave into my anxiety and told him not to get me a bike because I wouldn’t use it as I assumed I wouldn’t enjoy cycling (I also hadn’t ridden a bike in 12 years).  

When Matt moved in with us he brought a bike along and the boys went off cycling together, which was great. About three weeks ago on the -5 degree day they asked me if I wanted to come along. For some reason I said sure (probably a degree of FOMO at play here). I dressed in the most ridiculous outfit to ensure I stayed warm and we all went for a ride. I absolutely loved it. Genuinely loved it. But I couldn’t work out if it was because I liked being included or actually liked it. 

So rather than jumping all in (which I have a tendency to do) I am using the spare bike as a test run and am getting out every day I can. We have been doing 20km rides two – three times a week and I am actually so excited to look into getting a bike of my own. It’s a really nice feeling as it’s not something I’ve experienced before. So I guess in summary, I’m pretty proud of myself for trying something new, finding another way I can get out into nature with purpose and explore this beautiful country. 

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week.