Week 14.

Hey everyone,

I’ve been feeling pretty frustrated, angry, sad, afraid and helpless over the past two weeks. All the events that have happened since International Womens Day have brought into focus yet another tragedy in the long list against women.

So what I have for you today, is my love letter to women.

I see you. I see your frustration, your pain, your fear. I feel your exasperation, your grief, your anger. I see all the women who have been violently, insidiously, secretively abused, assaulted, murdered, oppressed, targeted, ignored or cast away. I see how society has failed and continues to fail women.

We are strong, powerful beings. We deserve to take up space, to uplift the voices of the women who have been taken from us, to elevate women who have been and continue to be oppressed by patriarchy and white supremacy, to demand for more. 

Women are everything.

Nell – Bear co-founder