Week 15.

Hey everyone,

Sorry we have been so absent on the blog front the last couple of weeks. There is a lot going on at Bear HQ which has occupied a lot of our attention and to be honest the weather has been so lovely that we’ve been capitalising it as best we can.

With the longer days now very much here and the beautiful bank holiday weekend, we have been out hiking, fishing, taking photos and enjoying being present in nature. I’ve found that with more daylight, I’ve been feeling so much more energised and productive.

I have a tendency to beat myself up in winter for not being as productive as I would like. I find that I’m more tired, want to rest more and my motivation isn’t always there. I then get into a vicious cycle of making myself feel guilty when I don’t achieve things so the rest I do have isn’t very restful. I made a conscious effort this year to listen to myself, allow myself rest when I needed it free of guilt and get outside more often.

Now I am really noticing how much energy spring is giving me, so I’m applying the same principle. When I feel energised I am utilising it to the best of my ability.

For me, reframing and listening to my body and mind has really allowed me to stop beating myself up, and amazingly made me more productive.

I hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend and got out adventuring!


Nell – BearMade co-founder