Week 5.

This week you are hearing from Oscar.


This past week has been good. We have been making the most of the weather when its been nice, and getting warm by the fire when it’s been really bad. I even had to put the heating on all day for a couple of days. My fingers got too cold to type!

The first couple of weeks in January are always weird for me. After a busy December I sort of look forward to chilling a bit in January. One slight problem with this is that I am not very good at relaxing. The other issue is that the first two weeks of the month are so quiet, that I start to wonder whether we are ever going to sell anything again. Anyway, after I got over the anxiety of things being quiet I began to relish the opportunity to delve into the business. Thinking more about why we exist and where we want to go.

As you may know, we have made it a mission of ours to try and produce all the parts for our bags in the UK. It’s going to take a while, but we think we should be able to do it. The only problem for me is that I love this process a bit too much. I have become totally obsessed. I am currently faced with a zipper conundrum.

I have found a great UK supplier, but the pulls are not quite right, and an Italian supplier with amazing pulls but the zips are not quite right. Sadly no, I can’t combine the two. This has genuinely been keeping me up at night. Yesterday I made Nell blow through the two zips to compare how much air could go through them (my test for water repellency). I had been doing it all day and just had to make sure that I wasn’t imagining there was a difference. Fortunately, for my sanity, there was one. It is safe to say that Nell is now very bored of hearing about zips. Luckily for her I think I have now found a solution, and at some point later this year, we shall have UK made Zips.

Something else that has taken up a lot of my time of late, has been writing down the story of Bear. This has been great fun, and a nice chance to reflect on the journey so far. You can read it here.

Anyway, it’s been a good week. Yes I have had the odd moment where things have got on top of me, it always happens when I am thinking about hypotheticals. But a lot of time spent outdoors and throwing myself into my work are always things that overall make me feel pretty great!

Thanks for reading.




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