Week 7.

This week you are hearing from Oscar.


It feels pretty weird writing a journal when most days are the same as the one before, sorry if this is incredibly dry reading! Hopefully in the not so distant future this journal will be filled with stories of adventure. For now, I shall keep talking about the exciting things we are working on with Bear.

I love this time of year. It fills me with anticipation for what is around the corner. 

Although this is probably the quietest time of year for us in terms of sales, it is a great time for us to plan for the year to come. Of course this year is slightly different to most, the planning and anticipation is slightly dulled by the unknown. However, I am still stoked about what’s coming up. 

We have finished designing the majority of our products for this year. Amy is making samples of them in the next couple of weeks. We will then start testing and refining them. The launch time of the new products will be dictated by when we think they are ready. Some smaller products will launch in the spring and the larger ones in the Autumn. Now that we have handed the sample drawings over to Amy our thoughts can turn to our workshops.

It is still unclear when we will be able to kick off our wild workshops but we are hoping we can kick things off in July. With the lack of clarity around in person workshops, for the time being we will be running our workshops online. We are lining up some amazing outdoor enthusiasts to talk to us about what they do and how they do it. These workshops will all be focused around the concept of getting outdoors with purpose. That purpose could be as simple as running or walking with a specific goal in mind. The hope with all these workshops is that they help people get outdoors and inspire them to do something they might not have tried before.

We are constantly on the look for interesting people to run these online workshops with, so if you are one of these people, or know one of them, please get in touch!

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