Week 9.


This week has been really exciting. We have received our first batch of samples of our new designs from Amy. They are a work in progress but we have some very exciting things to show you over the coming weeks and months.

Being a quiet time of year for pretty much all things outdoors, I am taking this opportunity to refine all that Bear does.

We are becoming clearer on our vision, and how we communicate with our customers. We have also been researching how we can get carbon neutral accreditation. We are pretty sure that we are carbon neutral, in fact, we are investing so much in carbon offsetting that we think we are “carbon negative”. However it looks like it will be quite a while before we can officially make that claim. Turns out that is prohibitively expensive to get accredited. Which is incredibly frustrating for a new business that is making every effort to be planet positive. How can new businesses, already at a disadvantage to much larger wealthier companies, be expected to invest in putting planet first when they cannot officially say they are doing so, until they have loads of cash in the bank? It’s madness. Of course I understand that it takes a lot of work to do it and that’s expensive, but perhaps in order to reach the UK governments goal of net zero by 2050, this should be something thats being funded by the government?

Anyway, we shall persevere with our mission to do good for people and planet and hope that in the not so distant future we can access accreditation.

In other news, I’ve started a new ritual. I found a spring near Bear HQ the other day. I have decided to walk to it everyday. Fill up my water bottles and drink the fresh water as it bubbles up from the earth. It feels great. It connects me with nature and gives me another excuse to get outside. The ritual also helps add structure to my days. Which is particularly handy at a time when we are doing everything from home.

I hope this week has been good for you.

Happy adventuring.