Why Bear?

Most brands start with an idea for a great product. Bear started with an idea to do good, the great products came next. 

Social responsibility is at the core of all that we do. It's the purpose of the business existing, so it's the primary use of our profits

The social goals we have, truly reflect our lived experiences. Oscar & Nell both suffer from mental health difficulties. Nell, Matt and Oscar all have a background in conservation / regeneration. Oscar grew up in social housing, with a large family, on a low income. He greatly benefited from charitable funding that helped him experience nature. We didn’t just pick these causes out of a hat. They hold a powerful space in our hearts and minds.

We believe in the power of people, and think the world needs more people who love the outdoors. 

They are often the first to see the impacts of climate change and have one of the greatest interests in keeping our planet healthy. Unfortunately, the natural environments we love, are alien to many.

We are excited to be supporting The Outward Bound Trust by donating 10% from every sale, to help them get more young people outdoors.

"We are absolutely delighted that Bear are supporting The Outward Bound Trust. Now, more than ever before, young people need the opportunity to experience the outdoors, rebuild their confidence and re-engage with their education. We are two organisations that explicitly believe in the power of outdoor adventure, and we look forward to working together to help young people unlock their true potential." - The Outward Bound Trust.

By buying Bear you are helping us do good for people and planet. You also happen to be getting an awesome product, that will last a lifetime.

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