Why we don't do big discounts.

Did getting that big discount on Black Friday feel good? Of course it did, we're all human, we love a discount. However, it’s likely that these companies are tricking you into buying old, tired stock at a price that is still making them money. 

How does this happen? How can these companies still make money when selling their goods so cheap? Well, the answer in most cases is exploiting a labour force that has no other optionsproducing products that cost next to nothing and marking them up by about 200-300%. If you see a product for 30, 50, or even 70% off then the price it's reduced to is probably the price it should have been in the first place. 

Here at Bear we don't do big discounts because we cannot afford to. Our products are made by skilled craftspeople in the UK who are paid well and produce awesome work. For these products, we charge a fair price and use our money to do good. If we offered discounts we would not be able to exist.

We started Bear to change the industry. We hope others follow our lead. There are more important things in this world than money and stuff. 

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