Bear Unisex Sweater.

£35 GBP

We hate waste here at Bear and think fast fashion is just the worst. So when it came to developing our line of Apparel, we wanted to find the best quality products, with the smallest environmental impact. Our Sweaters are made by Rapanui, a company dedicated to changing the way clothes are made. They are then Embroidered in small batches, just down the road from Bear HQ in North Yorkshire. 


  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton.
  • Designed in the UK and made in India. 
  • Embroidered By Cheryl in North Yorkshire. 
  • Made in a renewable energy powered factory audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria. GOTS DK25920
  • Designed to be sent back and recycled into new clothing. 

How its made.

Most brands start with an idea for a great product. Bear started with an idea to do good, the great products came next. 

Here at Bear everything we do has to: 

If anyone of the above boxes isn't ticked, we wont do it.  

This means all the bags and packs made by Bear have been:

When you buy a Bear bag you get an awesome product, that will last a lifetime. To top it all off, your purchase helps us achieve our social goals of getting people outdoors, talking about mental health, and protecting the environment. 

If this hasn't convinced you to buy Bear, then check out our story, and learn more about why your next bag should be made by Bear.

Lifetime Guarantee.

Our bags are made to last a lifetime, but we know accidents happen and materials can fail. 
  • We offer a free repairs service covering defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the product. It is your responsibility to send the bag to us then we will handle the rest.
  • Wear and tear is not covered by our warranty, but if we can fix your bag we always will (for a fair price). We withhold the right to deem a product beyond repair. 

One of the best things about waxed canvas fabric is how it ages. Over time it develops a beautiful patina, making each bag unique. To ensure its kept at its water repellent best, we suggest you reproof your pack once every one to two years depending on use. We recommend that you use our reproofing wax. You can buy it here. If your bag is made from a dry waxed canvas you don't need to do this. We also suggest that you try and keep the pack away from light coloured materials in very warm conditions. 

Our fair & green shipping policy.

 We respect the environment in all that we do.

  • All our packaging is recycled and/or bio degradable. 
  • We don't add any pointless tags or paper to your order.
  • We try and always use carbon neutral delivery companies like DPD.

There is no such thing as free shipping. The cost is simply just added to the price of the product you are buying. We want to be honest with our customers. So we simply charge you exactly what it costs us to ship your order. 

The cost is calculated at checkout. We will always use the most reliable and affordable service we can. 


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