Gouthwaite Backpack - 18-23L

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/ˈgowthwateː/  54°06'51.0"N 1°47'47.0"W



Made for your playground - whether that's the Yorkshire Dales (ours), a stormy wet coastline, or by your side at your local. It will keep your gear secure and dry wherever you are. Like all our bags, it's simple, rugged, and multi-use, so it's equally suited to work and play. Whenever you need to escape to nature and reset your mind, this rolltop backpack will be your favourite new companion.


Oscar - 186cm and 110kg

Nell - 170cm and 63kg


  • Capacity: 18 - 23 Litres.
  • Weight: 1.1kg 
  • Dimensions: H 50-65cm x W 30cm x D 12cm
  • Hemp x Organic Cotton lining
  • AustriAlpin Cobra buckle closure
  • Padded laptop sleeve fits up to a 15-inch laptop
  • Internal pouch for valuables
  • 4 side straps with buckle closure
  • 2 side pouches. Fits most small-medium sized water bottles
  • Padded recycled wool felt back for added comfort
  • Adjustable 50mm Canvas shoulder straps
  • All hardwearing metal fittings
  • Removable Sternum strap allows for added support
  • Meets all major airlines carry on requirements
  • Covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

Our fair & honest pricing

We think it's empowering to know everything about the things we use every day. We pride ourselves on being able to tell you who made your bag, when it was made, and even how much it costs to make. Most companies can't or won't tell you these things. We value honesty, so we tell you everything. We also don't follow traditional retail pricing, often around 5-6x cost. Instead, we sell direct to you and never charge more than 2.5x cost. We think this is fair. 

Cost to you £195

Premium materials & fittings


Labour of a master craftsperson


- Research and development


- Packaging  £3

Leaving £79 to be reinvested into the business and pay for running costs

When you buy a BearMade bag you should feel safe in the knowledge that it has been designed, and made, by people who care. 

We care that:

  • Sustainably* made products are accessible to as many people as possible. That's why charge what we think is fair, instead of charging more just because we can.
  • Our resources are used to do good. Your purchase helps us achieve our social goals of getting people outdoors, promoting the well-being benefits of doing so and protecting the environment.

Check out our story, to learn more about why your next bag should be made by us. 

*Check out our blog post to find out how we define the term 'Sustainable'.

BearReMade A Circular Future

Our bags are made to last a lifetime, but we get that not everyone wants to keep something that long. To avoid your bag ending up in the back of the closet, or worse, the bin, we will take your bag back in exchange for BearMade credit (10% of the bags original value) that can be used on future orders. 

Lifetime Guarantee

Accidents happen and materials can fail. To give you peace of mind, all our products are guaranteed to last.
  • We offer a free repairs service covering defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the product. It is your responsibility to send the bag to us then we will handle the rest. 
  • Wear and tear is not covered by our warranty, but if we can fix your bag we always will (for a fair price). We withhold the right to deem a product beyond repair. 

Care Information

One of the best things about dry-waxed canvas fabric is how it ages. Over time it develops a beautiful patina, making each bag unique. To ensure its kept at its water repellent best, we suggest you reproof your pack once every one to two years depending on use. It's super easy to do and you can find our guide to doing it here.

Our fair & green shipping policy

 We respect the environment in all that we do.

  • All our packaging is recycled and/or biodegradable. 
  • We try and always use carbon neutral delivery companies like DPD.

There is no such thing as free shipping. The cost is simply just added to the price of the product you are buying. We want to be honest with our customers. So we just charge you what it costs us to ship your order. 

The cost is calculated at checkout. We will always use the most reliable and affordable service we can. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Incredibly well built, clever design

Received my Backpack after looking at many many over the last few weeks, and very happy with my decision.
It's built like a tank, without being to heavy. Has all the pockets I need, plus straps on the outside for attaching larger objects like a Helinox chair.
With shoulder straps make it comfortable to cary even when heavy, and for longer times.
The yellow colour I found to be not as bright as the photo's, more of a light mustard, but that was what I was hoping for so happy again.
Seems like a good ethical company as well, which is appreciated.

Gouthwaite Backpack

Excellent quality. Fits everything I hoped it would in well. Would recommend this product. Good communication.

First backpack I have ever loved.

If you want a simple minimalist backpack that will fit weeks worth of your groceries or will be able to pack for a picnic in the park that's what you need! I love the minimalist design and the sturdiest buckle you could ever have on a bag. Couldn't recommend it more to anyone thay is looking for a beaitufuly designed long lasting backpack!

Bought this for my Mum-in-Law (a risky game)...she LOVES it

My mother-in-law mentioned she couldn't find a backpack that did all the things she wanted: a daytime carry around for groceries/trips into Edinburgh, day excursions into the Scottish uplands, or 1-3 day guest house stays around the highlands. She is fussy and doesn't buy much for herself, and always wants to know that her things are made ethically, with fair wages and low transport miles post-manufacturing. She returned a couple of rucksacks due to fit and poor quality manufacturing, so I chose this bag for her. She said the Gouthwaite (and this larger size one) ticks all the boxes...you've made me the best son-in-law ever. Thank you Oz and Nell.

Beautifully made

This bag is made so beautifully and of such a high quality that I feel it will last me a lifetime. It puts mass produced products to shame and makes me really appreciate the skill of a real crafts person.

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