Join Bear Share and enjoy a little positivity in a time of great uncertainty.

We are offering you a free way to stay connected and part of the wider angling community whilst potentially being isolated or practicing social distancing. We at Bear will connect you with another angler to form a penpal like relationship. We will try and connect you with someone in your area so you can fish together once this mayhem is over. You can exchange tips and tricks, teach each other different fly patterns, share exciting places to fish or provide an ear for the others worries. It could also be a great way for people looking to learn to fish to connect with someone willing to teach them, even if it is virtually.

Bear Share is a way to come together to support each other in this time of uncertainty. Allowing us to bring some fishing into our lives even at home and continuing to learn from one another. If Bear Share isn’t for you then please share it with someone who it might benefit, we would love to connect older anglers who can’t get outside right now with a younger angler that they can impart their wisdom to! So if you know anyone then please let them know. 
To sign up just follow this link and fill out a simple form.

Do you have a fly fishing business? It would be great if you could get involved with and help us promote Bear Share. Please contact us to discuss things further. Participants details collected for Bear Share will be used for the purpose of Bear Share only, and not for marketing.

Disclaimer: This service is simply about connecting people over the web and is only available to over 18’s. How you choose to develop the relationship from there is up to you. By signing up to our service you agree that Bear will not be held responsible for any negative outcomes from your connection.