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Whether your an individual wanting something extra special or a company looking to give your staff or clients an incredible gift. We can help.


We offer custom embroidery and co-branding options on all our products.

There will be an additional cost and delivery time will vary as it will be done to order.


From slight adjustments to a total one of a kind bag, we can do it all.

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As part of our life time guarantee, we offer a free repairs service covering defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the product.

This does not cover general wear and tear, but if we can fix your bag we always will (for a fair price).

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Our bags are made to last a lifetime, but we get that not everyone wants to keep something that long. To avoid your bag ending up in the back of the closet, or worse, the bin, we will take your bag back in exchange for BearMade credit (10% of the bags original value) that can be used on future orders. We will then repurpose your old bag and turn it into something new!

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