• Capacity: 13 - 15 Litres
  • Weight: 800g 
  • Dimensions: 44-55cm high x 27cm wide x 11.5cm deep
  • Laptop sleeve fits up to a 15-inch laptop
  • Internal pouch for increased organisation
  • 2 side pouches will fit most small-medium sized water bottles
  • Removable Sternum strap for added support
  • 2 side straps with g-hook closure
  • Hemp x Organic Cotton charcoal grey inner lining
  • Recycled wool felt back padding for added comfort
  • AustriAlpin Cobra buckle closure
  • 50mm un-dyed cotton canvas shoulder straps, ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit
  • All metal fittings
  • Internal label signed by the maker
  • Covered by our Lifetime Warranty

Our fair & honest pricing

We think it's empowering to know everything about the things we use every day. We pride ourselves on being able to tell you who made your bag, when it was made, and even how much it costs to make. Most companies can't or won't tell you these things. We value honesty, so we tell you everything. We also don't follow traditional retail pricing, often around 5-6x cost. Instead, we sell direct to you and never charge more than 2x cost. We think this is fair. 

Cost to you £175

Premium materials & fittings


Labour of a master craftsperson


- Research and development


- Packaging £3


Leaving £67 to be reinvested into the business and pay for running costs.