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wildish report 05.


Welcome to our latest journal. We hope it finds you well.

All days seem to be merging into one at the moment. To be honest I completely forgot it was Sunday.

We've got a busy day ahead of us so I am sat at my kitchen table writing this with bleary eyes and I have not yet been caffeinated, so please excuse any errors!

This week we had our best wildish club meet yet. We ventured out to the local woodland where we foraged blackberries, apples and plums and made a delicious crumble. We used an Ooni oven to cook it which took all of 4 minutes. It worked so well! Thank you Roo and Em for letting us borrow it! 

We also had a bunch of new people turn up which was awesome.

The rest of the week has involved sorting bags that have arrived from Amy and making new friends. 

It's been a great week.

All the best,

Oscar, Nell and the BearMade team
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