Glocal manufacturing

We believe the only sustainable way to sell something is if it’s made and sold locally. So that’s what we do. All our bags are made by Amy, a master bag maker, in Suffolk. We will only produce as many bags a year as Amy can comfortably make, no more. It's about 25 per week.

Our ultimate goal is to have local bag makers across the world, making and selling our bags from materials local to their area. 

Working as a “glocal” company means we aren’t making huge quantities of disposable products, we are markedly reducing our carbon impact and we will personally know every single person that makes our bags.

If you want to see our bags in your local country and know someone who could help make them, please get in touch.

Carbon Offsetting


If you make something, you harm the planet. It doesn't matter how "sustainable" your materials are, or how far your products are transported. We try our best to mitigate this harm.

We make products to last a lifetime, use sustainable materials as much as possible, and only sell locally. But this just isn't enough for us. We know we can do more. So we invest in carbon offsetting activities through Ecologi, either designed to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere (often referred to as carbon sequestration) or prevent their release. 2.5% from each product we sell goes to these projects. 

You can see our growing forest and offsetting activities here.


Repair. Reuse. Recycle.

Our bags are made to last a lifetime, but we get that not everyone wants to keep something that long. To avoid your bag ending up in the back of the closet, or worse, the bin, we will take your bag back in exchange for BearMade credit (10% of the bags original value) that can be used on future orders. 

We will then take your bag apart and reuse everything we can. We choose our materials based on longevity, so even if they are a bit weather-beaten, they can be recycled into something interesting and new.

As part of our lifetime guarantee we offer free repairs on manufacturing defects and will repair wear and tear at a fair price.


We exist to help people access the outdoors. Our ambitions are big but we are starting small. First, we are going to help our town connect with nature.

From the sale of every bag, we commit to help one person get outdoors. We will do this through free to attend weekly club meets in Pateley Bridge - The Wildish Club. It’s like cubs, but for everyone. 

Like any good club there will be badges, adventures and skill sharing. It will serve as a way to not just connect with the outdoors but help forge connections with others.

Join the club