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wildish report 02.


Welcome to our latest journal. We hope it finds you well.


This week we had our second wildish club meet. 

We walked, we talked, we explored. We met more brilliant people, foraged bilberries and tried to find hen harriers.

It was awesome. The next meet will be on Monday the 22nd and we would love to see you there. Just drop us a message if you'd like to come. 

If you're new to this newsletter then I should probably let you know that we have always used this as a place to reflect and be honest about the highs and lows of building a business. We don't write about it every week, it's really just as and when things come up.

For the last couple of days, I have been reflecting on the past few months. For the most part, they have been amazing. We've opened the shop, started the wildish club and met so many incredible people in the process. 

However, whilst I sit here writing this email I am filled with anxiety. I've got this feeling of "we've started all these great things, but what the f**k do we do now". 

Past experiences tell me that the most likely outcome is that all these things will grow organically. I truly believe that if you do good things then good things will happen. However, my slightly annoying brain tells me to ignore past experiences and to think that actually none of it will work. Hence the anxiety.

So here's the thing, I can't work out if this anxiety is a blessing in disguise, or whether it's holding me back. It definitely keeps me on my toes.

So yeah, maybe it's a good thing. Time, I'm sure, will tell.

All the best,

Oscar, Nell and the BearMade team

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